Less carbon and energy

Our Climate Action Plan

Air Canada has set the following greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction targets to ensure meaningful process towards our net zero goal.

Net Zero GHG
GHG net reductions

from air operations compared to 2019 baseline by 2030

GHG net reductions

from air operations compared to 2019 baseline by 2030

GHG net reductions

from ground operations compared to 2019 baseline by 2030

$50 million
$50 Million investment

in sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and carbon reductions and removals by 2030

Fleet and operations

We will continue to deploy our modernized and energy efficient Airbus A220 and Boeing 737 MAX narrow-body fleets that are more efficient compared to older aircraft, projecting an average of approximately 20% less fuel consumption per seat, roughly 20% less CO2e, and 50% less nitrogen oxide.

Where feasible, we install energy-saving equipment in our indoor and outdoor facilities, such as high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and low-energy LED lighting, and we’re adding electrical car charging stations to support sustainable commuting.

Plane Ground Support Vehicle


Hydrogen, electric and hybrid aircraft technologies present exciting future opportunities for the aviation industry.

Air Canada will remain actively involved in getting these innovative technologies off the ground and will support commercial scale up while always promoting safety and performance.

Plane Biofuel

Sustainable aviation fuels and clean energy

Air Canada allocated $50 million investment fund towards sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), other low carbon aviation fuel (LCAF) development, carbon reduction and removal technologies, and we will evaluate the practical applications of renewable energy sources such as biogas and renewable electricity, and energy transition measures.

Carbon reductions and removals

In addition to carbon offsets, Air Canada will explore other opportunities to reduce its GHG emissions such as carbon capture and carbon removal technologies for compliance, customer offerings and more.


Less waste


Air Canada is committed to reducing the waste we generate and integrating responsible disposal practices across our operations. We’re minimizing single-use plastic by rethinking our supply chain, and as of now, we removed 47.8 million single-use plastic items from our flights.

Icon info
As a necessary short-term solution due to the COVID-19 pandemic, single-use plastic items have returned onboard to maintain the health and safety of our passengers and crew but will be replaced moving forward.
Single use Plastic


We’re proud to donate to community and charitable organizations whenever possible, which allows us to help those in need and reduce our waste footprint by giving out-of-service items a second life.



Our uniform recycling program allows us to repurpose, recycle or reuse our used and surplus uniforms.

Learn more
amenity kits

Amenity kits

Unused onboard amenities are collected and sent to those in need through various charitable organizations.

Duvets, blankets and mattress

Duvets, blankets and mattress pads

Gently used onboard duvets, blankets and mattress pads are dry-cleaned and distributed to local charities.


We continually work to increase recycling throughout our air and ground operations with the following initiatives.

Icon Office Waste

Office waste centralization

In 2019, we implemented a centralized waste program at our Montreal headquarters, and in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto. We are continuing to roll out this program in our offices across Canada.

Icon Onboard

Onboard recycling

We have established recycling processes at our six Canadian hubs, where newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other beverage containers onboard our domestic flights are recycled.


E-waste and battery recycling

Air Canada works to ensure e-waste and batteries are disposed of properly with designated collection bins located across our facilities. Whenever possible, we also donate used electronics such as monitors and computer accessories to non-profit organizations and schools.

Learn how we recycle used pilot iPads
Icon PPE

PPE recycling

We installed special boxes in high-use areas at our facilities to responsibly recycle disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leave Less Travel Program

Air Canada is proud to provide a Leave Less travel offering to its corporate customers with opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint related to business travel.

A simplified travel journey

The program consists of 4 simple steps:


Air Canada tracks and calculates the GHG emissions associated with customers’ business travel.


Companies choose how they want to mitigate their GHG emissions associated with their business travel: SAF and/or carbon offsets.


Air Canada purchases the required SAF volumes and facilitates the purchase of carbon offsets.


Companies contribute to their sustainability goals.

Customers can customize their selection using SAF, carbon offsets, or a combination of both:

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) option:
Carbon offset option:

Corporate customers have the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets through certified projects.

Why join the program?
  • Icon success-circle sustainability goals

    Help achieve your corporate sustainability goals

    Most leading businesses have rigorous sustainability targets, including reduction targets.

  • Icon success-circle-check desire for sustainability

    Satisfy stakeholder desire for sustainability

    Customers, investors and shareholders are demanding sustainable business strategies.

  • Icon success-circle-check clients

    Attract new clients and retain existing ones

    More and more customers are factoring sustainability into their purchasing decisions.

  • Icon success-circle-check forefront of change

    Be at the forefront of change

Icon-info Air Canada corporate sales representative

For more information, please reach out to your Air Canada corporate sales representative. If you don’t have a representative, please submit your email and someone from our team will reach out to you directly.

*Disclaimer: Your privacy is important to us. Your email is being collected for the sole purpose of contacting you about the Leave Less Travel Program. To find out how Air Canada collects, uses and protects the private information you provide to us, please refer to Air Canada's privacy policy.
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